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Jaimie Bailey

Jaimie’s enthusiasm and passion for a healthy lifestyle began with her love of surfing on the beaches of South Florida. At 18, she headed to NYC to pursue a career in health and wellness. Missing her board, and feeling the loss of movement, she found Indoor Cycling. The impact it had on her physical well being was a small component of what it truly did for her emotional well being. Indoor Cycling gave her the confidence, strength, grit and determination to face the challenges that life threw at her. Being clipped in, with sweat pouring, she realized her place was on the instructor bike. She made her way from apprentice to master to mentor, blending passion with liveliness to create an unforgettable experience. Grind House Cycle is Jaimie and her team’s second opening–their first being a full service gym located in Brooklyn, NY called Grind House BK.