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About us

Grind House Cycle is a boutique cycling studio and hub for community, inspiration and movement. Located on the iconic Pacific Coast Highway in the heart of Encinitas, we offer an intense ride that invites our members to connect deeper to themselves and the community surrounding them. Our classes align your mental and physical self and are led by our supportive and athletic team of instructors who empower our members to break through their own barriers.

Grind House is a space where you show up as you are, put in the work and come out stronger.

Arriving here from NYC, Grind House Cycle is a spin off from our first fitness location, Grind House BK located in Brooklyn, NY.

Message from the Founder:

One of the best days of my life was when a former cycling instructor suggested that I try my hand at the podium. Movement has always been my personal medicine and favorite form of therapy and when I found cycling, I found a new sense of home. Cycling has taught me to be my own advocate and push harder when I have the capacity and also soften when I don’t. I’ve laughed, cried and experienced all of the emotions on the bike and more than anything, cycling has helped me learn how to remain in the present moment.

Our method is a balance of pushing your endurance, strength, and mental fitness capacity while learning balance in active recovery. We play incredible music, our instructors are informed and confident in guiding you and our ride is safe, smart and effective. We want you to feel restored, whole and refreshed after each ride.

Encinitas is my favorite place in the entire world and I’m so excited to share my love of cycling and it’s health benefits with the community here. Get ready to work hard, meet your people and get to know yourself even deeper.

See you at your next ride
Jaimie Bailey